Creating New Patient Order


First of all, you must have "Create New Patient Order" authorization. If you don't see the create new patient order icon, please contact us for this topic.

When you open "Patient Search" page, all patient orders at your account will be displayed. In order to create a new patient order, click on "Create New Order" icon on the upper left side of the page.


After clicking, you will see "Create Order" form with patient name, patient id, patient other ids, birth date, institution and complaints fields. It is compulsory to fill patient name, patient id, birth date and institution information. When all of the values are entered, click on "Create" button to create the new patient order.

There is a red dot next to the required fields. If you don't fill these fields you can not create the new patient order.

Filters are used in some selection boxes (modality and institution select boxes). So you can easily find the value you want to find.


Once form is closed, created patient will be searched and will be shown on "Patient Search" page. Then, if you want you can add images and clinical documents to this new order.

creating new patient order creating new patient order creating new patient order
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