Get ready to upcoming new cycles in COVID-19 with the PostDICOM.

Postdicom, like many other cloud SaaS solutions, worked smoothly and safely during the first cycle of the covid-19 outbreak. It helped to tackle unprecedented situations using distributed cloud systems. Although local PACS solutions faced some troubles because there were some restrictions on keeping IT staff in place during the quarantine, Postdicom users did not encounter any problems with the secure access, sharing and monitoring of their patients. In addition to these advantages, there are some special benefits that we had noticed during the Covid-19 outbreak,

  • It helped elderly medical professionals to do their jobs from a safe distance. In this way, most experienced doctors were included in the medical diagnosis without the risk of virus.

  • Patients received a second opinion at home without being in the hospital together with potential covid-19 positive patients.

  • Although Covid-19 pcr test results were not positive in some patients, they were diagnosed as viral pneumonia with the help of teleradiology. Their treatment was started earlier even before the test results became positive.

While the first cycle of Covid 19 has become lighter in many countries, you can also take advantage of the Postdicom cloud solution before the new cycles in the pandemic will be hit.

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