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Use PostDICOM as your patient's data repository on Cloud. Upload DICOM images and clinical documents to PostDICOM Cloud servers. View them with easy to use and fast HTML5 DICOM viewer on any client machine (desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and phones).


PostDICOM is the next generation PACS which is built using cloud technologies

Cloud PACS

Cloud-based PACS is like regular PACS but with a crucial difference: its storage and features are provided by cloud-based servers. Basically, PostDICOM deals with the hosting, retrieval and maintenance of data for you. You can upload your DICOM images and non-DICOM documents to PostDICOM. Then, you can store, view, create reports and share them with patients and doctors.

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Cloud PACS

Diagnostic DICOM Viewer

PostDICOM offers CE certified Diagnostic DICOM Viewer on top of its CloudPACS solution. You can access your medical images with our CE certified Diagnostic DICOM Viewer and create reports with ease. PostDICOM Viewer is equipped with advanced image processing tools such as MPR (multi planar reconstruction), MIP (maximum intensity projection), MINIP, AVGIP, and 3D rendering

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Diagnostic DICOM Viewer

Medical Image Teaching

PostDICOM offers tools to medical universities and instructors to create a DICOM teaching library containing DICOM images and reports. You can also add non-DICOM teaching materials like MP4 videos, JPEG or PDFs to your teaching library. You can create courses, lectures and authorize your students to access those contents for a defined period of time.

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Medical Image Teaching

Medical Image Sharing

Do not hassle with patient DICOM CDs/DVs and do not waste time on waiting them to be delivered. Use PostDICOM to share DICOM images, and clinical documents with patients, referring doctors, reporters and insurance companies. Create a share link and a share password, then, send them to the recipients. As soon as they have the link and the password, they can access the images and documents immediately.

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Medical Image Sharing

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What did users say about us?

  • Quote Mark

    PostDICOM is the ideal PACS SaaS solution

    PostDICOM is the ideal solution for our 6-site orthopedic group practice. The PACS cloud service offers high availability, security, easy installation, unlimited scalability and includes modern options for data exchange. PostDICOM is largely self-explanatory and requires virtually no staff training. We are extremely satisfied with the solution and would recommend it at any time.

    Matthias Jacobi Image
    Orthopädie Rosenberg
  • Quote Mark

    Post Dicom is user-friendly, heavily customizable the very best Cloud PACS solutions.

    We at FRCR Tutorials have been an early adopter of PostDICOM and have been using it for nearly 3-4 years and I cannot recommend highly enough of this fantastic web -based PACS platform. It has a very simple and easy User Interface, features that would envy the major PACS vendors and more importantly lightning fast support from the team for deployment and trouble-shooting if need be.

    PostDICOM is a powerful Cloud based PACS and works across all operating systems and is perhaps the best of the lots that we have tested and used.

    Post Dicom is user-friendly, heavily customizable and has several features that makes it one of the very best Cloud PACS solutions. Post Dicom allows DICOM and non-Dicom files to be imported, comprehensively anonymized and viewed with all the functions of a standard PACS workstation. This allows cases to be presented in a style more familiar to today’s Radiology trainees, developing their skills of systematic evaluation, interpretation and knowledge of pathology. The database/folder structure allows highly effective cataloging and sharing of cases through the share folder feature.

    We have been running our Online FRCR 2B Library on PostDICOM and also have used the platform to host several FRCR Tutorials courses and their support has been very valuable and hugely appreciated. I would strongly recommend PostDICOM as simply the current best Cloud PACS solution that can cater for Clinical Practice, Teaching and Research activities. I wish them the very best and look forward to seeing them grow and be widely recognized in the industry for not only their product but also for their enthusiasm and support they provide to their customers.

    Sameer Shamshuddin Image
    Course Director, FRCR Tutorials
  • Quote Mark

    Thanks to the PostDICOM team for their excellent product and support!

    We’ve been using PostDICOM for over 2 years. It is a great online PACS to store, organize and use for our online FRCR courses. Its really useful to assign cases into individual folders and to create sharable links for the examiners and candidates on our courses. The support team are extremely responsive. Thanks very much to the PostDICOM team for their excellent product and support!

    Koshy Jacob Image
    Consultant Radiologist
  • Quote Mark

    Continually impressed with the service, features, speed and support

    Since moving to PostDICOM for our DICOM hosting, we have been continually impressed with the service, features, speed and support. The team have gone out of their way to assist in developments to meet our requirements for radiology education. We are happy to continue working with them in the long term and would not hesitate to recommend their service.

    Infomed Online Image
    Infomed Online
  • Quote Mark

    I can highly recommend the company to everyone

    I have been using PostDICOM for over 2 years. The website is user friendly and its functionalities are superb and one of the best thing about the company is the impeccable customer service. I can highly recommend the company to everyone.

    Harun Gupta Image
    Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist
  • Quote Mark

    Solution for the transmission of medical images and reports in zero time

    PostDICOM is a state of the art solution for the transmission of medical images and reports in zero time, while providing savings of time and money to health professionals. It is a reliable tool with excellent support.

    Grammos Ioannis Image
    CEO - Medigram

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