Why use a Cloud-Based PACS for Nuclear Medicine?

Why use a Cloud-Based PACS for Nuclear Medicine - Presented by PostDICOM

Along with rapid strides being made in the field of nuclear medicine, medical imaging technology is also progressing by leaps and bounds. PACS or Picture Archiving and Communication System is a type of medical imaging technology that is essential for any medical establishment, be it private practice or a tertiary referral hospital. A comprehensive PACS solution is spread over a wide gamut, ranging from interfacing with gamma cameras and converting proprietary data to DICOM, to advanced image processing for nuclear cardiology, PET-CT/SPECT-CT fusion, brain analysis, etc.

By making use of cutting edge technology, the cloud based Picture Archiving Communication Systems not only help match performance in real time, they also support multiple monitors on client computers. An added advantage is that they support all major computer platforms for clients including Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) 10, 8, 7 Vista and XP, Mac, and mobile devices such as iOS and Android. With a PAC system in place, a client can expect to have a full workstation and functionality on all devices.

Cloud based Picture Archiving Communication Systems for Nuclear Medicine offer hosting and maintenance of DICOM images and clinical documents. Other features include:

Advantages of a cloud based PACS solution for Nuclear Medicine:

In conclusion, if what you require is a reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution to host and maintain your DICOM images and clinical documents, look no further than PostDICOM for Nuclear Medicine.

We offer you cloud-based Picture Archiving Communication System services that are easy on the pocket and won’t burn a hole in it. Our services are low maintenance, collaboration friendly, and accessible. So, get in touch with us and let us provide you with a one stop solution in keeping with your budget and operational needs!

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