11 Advantages of Online Cloud PACS for Veterinary Clinics

11 Advantages of Online Cloud PACS for Veterinary Clinics - Presented by PostDICOM

Forging ahead with the changing times is the need of the hour. The advances being made in the field of medical imaging need not be restricted to benefit just the members of the Homosapien species alone. Our canine, feline, equine, and avian friends, among others, can also enjoy the benefits of changing technology.

Online cloud PACS for veterinary clinics connects, controls, and manages everything from image acquisition and compilation of reports to archiving and transfer of image data. It enables easy integration into all common practice information systems.

A cloud PACS system is made of various devices that work in tandem, thus enabling the non-usage of personal, digital films. It captures, uploads, and stores images and data of a patient using an online methodology. The files are then streamed to form a cloud. All that the user needs, is to have internet connectivity in order to access the cloud and retrieve and view images. It guarantees efficient service with real-time collaboration of medical images.

Features of Online Cloud PACS for Veterinary Clinics

Advantages of Online Cloud PACS for Veterinary Clinics

Online cloud PACS solutions for Veterinary Clinics are user-friendly tools for daily veterinary care. Many practices have begun hooking onto cloud solutions to upgrade and improve their services.

Why should you be left behind? Get in touch with us at Post DICOM and let us help you not only keep pace with the changing times but also give our furry friends the best that technology can offer!

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